On the Issues


With inflation at a 40-year high, hardworking Nassau County families are facing a hidden inflation tax on everything they buy–from gasoline for their cars to milk at the grocery store. The inflation crisis was caused by the Biden Administration’s out-of-control spending, failed policies and inability to solve disruptions to the supply chain. Unlike Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress who have been a rubberstamp for the Biden agenda, Anthony will stand up for taxpayers and put an end to wasteful government spending. As Hempstead Town Councilman, Anthony cut or froze taxes in each of the last four budgets passed by the Hempstead Town Board and, in Congress, he will continue protecting taxpayers by “doing more with less.”

Public Safety

As a retired NYPD Detective who made more than 600 arrests in connection with murders, shootings, assaults, bribery and possession of illegal weapons, Anthony has made public safety the centerpiece of his public service. That’s why he stood up to the Democrats who control state government and led the opposition to the cashless bail law that has released thousands of dangerous criminals back onto our streets and other liberal criminal justice policies that prevent law enforcement from keeping our communities safe. In Congress, Anthony will stop the defund the police movement and keep Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Congressional Democrats from ending cash bail across the country. As a NYPD Detective and former Chief of the Island Park Fire Department, Anthony will take this experience to Washington to ensure our law enforcement and first responders receive the resources and support they need keep all of our communities are safe and secure.

National Security

The world is safest when America is strongest, but from our embarrassing withdrawal in Afghanistan to the horrors we are seeing in Ukraine, the Biden Administration’s foreign policy has made us weaker. Anthony believes in Ronald Reagan’s adage of Peace through Strength, and that begins by showing leadership on a global stage that puts America’s priorities, safety and security first. It also means that America’s military remains the world’s most elite and powerful fighting force. Anthony will ensure that our brave men and women in uniform have the funding, equipment and support they need if and when they must defend our freedoms.

Energy Independence

Two short years ago, America achieved energy independence. After less than one year of the Biden Administration’s failed policies, however, gas prices have soared to a 15-year high and we are once again reliant on foreign nations to meet our energy needs. To restore our energy independence and lower costs for hardworking families, we need an all of the above strategy that leverages both our natural resources and American innovation to fuel our country and ensure we are never again reliant on hostile countries like Iran, Venezuela and Russia.


America is a nation of immigrations, but we are also a nation of laws, and Anthony has spent his career proudly enforcing those laws. Last year, over a million illegal immigrants came across our border. Anthony supports securing our border, investing in Border Patrol officers who are on the frontline of the immigration crisis, ending misguided sanctuary city policies and preventing Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats from providing amnesty to those who broke the law and entered our country illegally. By securing our borders, we will also help stop the drug trade, gang violence and human trafficking from invading our communities. As a law enforcement officer, Anthony understands first-hand the impact this can have on our community and he will work each day to strengthen our border security to stem the tide of illegal immigration.


Every American should have access to high-quality, affordable health care, including individuals with pre-existing conditions. By strengthening the employer-provided health insurance system, as well as the social safety net, and investing in our local hospital systems, Anthony will ensure that federal health care policy empowers patients to make their own health care decisions, lowers the cost of prescription medications and protects the most vulnerable. Anthony will stop Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats from adopting a trillion-dollar government takeover of our health care system and controlling Americans’ personal medical decisions.


A high-quality education is the best way to guarantee our children’s success. That includes access to technology and the best teachers, challenging curriculum and, most importantly, parental involvement and local control. Bureaucrats in Washington and Albany should not be dictating to parents, teachers and elected school boards. Anthony has been a strong advocate for education as a Hempstead Town Councilman and he has delivered important funding for local schools. In Congress, he will continue building upon this record and giving every child the opportunity to succeed.

Taxes and Economy

Prior to the COVID pandemic, our economy was full-speed ahead, but two years later we have not fully rebounded from the business closures and onerous mandates that tied the hands of our local businesses. If we want to grow our economy and create opportunities for good paying, family-sustaining jobs in Nassau County, Anthony believes we need to lift the regulatory barriers and lower the tax burden facing our families and small businesses. As Hempstead Town Councilman, Anthony worked hand-in-hand with our local businesses to help them grow and prosper. And, in Congress, Anthony will fight to lower federal taxes and protect property taxpayers by restoring the State and Local Tax (SALT) exemption.


The United States and Israel share a special bond that must always be protected. As a nation, we must stand with Israel to support its right of self-defense against ongoing threats from Hamas and Iran, as well as economic aggression through the BDS movement. In the Hempstead Town Council, Anthony stood with Israel and passed one of the nation’s first anti-BDS laws prohibiting town government from doing business with anyone engaged in BDS. As a member of Congress, Anthony will work to strengthen military cooperation between the United States and Israel, including the continuation of foreign aid for security assistance and defense programs, to ensure the safety and security of both nations. He will also preserve important policies like the Taylor Force Act and the relocation of the American Embassy to Jerusalem. Anthony will oppose any effort by the Biden Administration to rejoin the failed Iran Nuclear deal.