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Rep. D’Esposito’s new bill, the Police our Border Act of 2024, will reveal the full picture of how the Biden border crisis negatively impacts law enforcement officers across the United States.

Introduced on Monday, April 29th, this bill would require Attorney General Merrick Garland to submit a report to Congress detailing the effects the border crisis has had on law enforcement, including the estimated cost of all resources used to address the influx of illegal immigrants. The report must also include information on how much exposure law enforcement officers have to fentanyl while encountering illegal immigrants crossing the southern border as well as any injuries sustained while on the line of duty.

“Thanks to the open border policies of President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas, law enforcement agencies across the country are being overwhelmed by the millions of migrants and large quantities of dangerous narcotics like fentanyl flowing into the United States,” said D’Esposito, a retired detective with the NYPD. This week, National Police Week, the bill is being brought to the floor for consideration.